Soluzione Completa Sonny 2 - Over the Ashes achievement

Sonny 2 Titolo: Sonny 2
Piattaforma: Flash Game
Genere: Avventura
Sviluppatore: Armor Games
Anno di uscita: 2011

This is a complete walkthrough for all classes of Sonny 2, so everyone, no matter the class, can reference it. This guide is designed to get the Over the Ashes achievement, of course meaning that no training can be done before the sixth zone, and you must be on Heroic.

The class choice at the beginning is one of the most crucial decisions for the legend run. Different classes have different styles of play, and suit different people. For example, I am best with Psycho, and not as good with Bio. However, some people will find it the opposite.

Psychos can be hard to master, but if mastered are probably the best class in the game for the legend run. However, they have trouble with fights with 2 or 3 strong enemies, such as the Knight, Priest, and Mage in zone 2, the Pheasant (Phantom, Beast, Antagonist, get it?) in zone 3, and the Blood Hound x2, Caretaker fight in zone 5. However, in my opinion, they offer the most offensive gameplay of all the classes and can be very deadly if mastered.

Bios have many viable builds, but unfortunately, it seems to be hardest to pass the legend run with, requiring frequent respecs, which none of the other classes require (although they are helpful). Also, there is a SEVERE lack of ability points in the early stages. They tend to be strong against multiple enemies due to Crystallize, but often fall short in 3v1s, such as Felicity in zone 1, Clemons in zone 3, and Bunny in zone 4. Bios are probably the most balanced class in terms of offense and defense, but there are simply not enough spots on the wheel in order to create a hybrid build.

Hydros have 3 distinct styles of gameplay: Cold, Hot, and Healer. Unfortunately, only the Cold build seems capable of passing the legend run. Hydros tend to do exceptionally well in 3v1s, but often fall short in 3v3 fights, such as the Mage x2, Knight in zone 2, the Spectre x3 in zone 3, and the Blood Hound x2, Specialist in zone 5. Hydros are the most defensive class for the legend run, but the absence of good attacking abilities (with cold hydro) makes them sort of hard to use well.

Each fight will have general information and class-specific information, and will go in-depth on every class. Do note, however, that these may not be the best strategies, and there may be better strategies that I have not discovered, especially with Bio. Note, however, that this guide DOES include Re-specs, so don't waste your money. So now to the actual walkthrough…

Zone 1:

All difficulty ratings are on a scale of 0-10.

Prison Guard: 0
Prison Guard x2: 1
Brutal Convict, Agile Convict: 2
Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict: 3
Doctor Leath, Prison Guard x2: 3
Twisted Experiment: Bio+Psycho 3, Hydro 6
The Warden: Hydro 3, Psycho 4, Bio 7
Doctor Hedger, Frankie: 4
ZPCI Elite: Bio+Hydro 4, Psycho 5
Felicity: Hydro 2, Psycho 4, Bio 9

The item store is useless, except for Bio, where the Metal Mask might come in handy, however it is not required by any means.

Stage 1 - Prison Guard

I think it is impossible to lose

Re-spec for all classes now, and put 10 points into vitality. For Psycho and Hydro, put the rest into instinct; for Bio, put the rest into strength.

For Bio, get 4/4 Integrity and 1/4 Vicious Strike, but don't bother putting Vicious Strike on the ability bar. For Hydro, get Mind Freeze 1/4 and Flash Freeze 1/4, and put both on the bar (Mind Freeze Twice), taking Slam out. For Psycho, get 1/3 Shock Therapy, 1/2 Traumatize, 1/4 Dark Echoes, and 1/4 Destruction, and put Shock Therapy (3 times) and Traumatize on the bar, taking Corruption out.

Veradux's Moves:
Attack: Attack and recover 35 focus.
Electro Bolt: Attack and remove a buff from the enemy
Heal: Heals himself or an ally

It is time for a strategy review for all 3 classes. Hydros should always use Vapour Cannon for now. Bios should alternate Disrupt and Leading Strike. Psychos should use Shock Therapy when possible. When not, use Dark Infusion on the enemy.

Veradux uses instinct for his heals, so high instinct equipment is good for him. Bio needs high strength equipment, but keep a set of speed equipment, and psycho and hydro need high instinct equipment. Finally, on to the next fight…

Stage 2 - Prison Guard x2

Possible to lose, but you have to be really, and I mean REALLY bad to lose.

For Bio, get 1/2 Break. For Hydro, get 2/4 Mind Freeze and 2/4 Flash Freeze. For Psycho, get 2/3 Shock Therapy and 2/2 Traumatize, and put another Traumatize on the wheel.

Stage 3 - Brutal Convict, Agile Convict

All classes should target the Brutal Convict first, and he should die before long. After this, the battle is won.

For Bio, get 1/3 Adrenaline and put one in the wheel. For Hydro, get 3/4 Mind Freeze and 3/4 Flash Freeze, and put another Flash Freeze into the wheel. For Psycho, get 3/3 Shock Therapy.

Stage 4 - Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict

Stun the Cunning Convict first turn, and then attack him on subsequent turns; he should die before he can heal. Then just attack the Agile Convict until he is dead, then turn on the Brutal Convict.

For Bio, get 1/2 Disrupt and put 2 in the wheel. For Hydro, get 4/4 Mind Freeze and 4/4 Flash Freeze. For psycho, get 1/4 Salvation, and put in in the wheel (don't use it yet).

It is time for a strategic review. Hydros should now use the Freeze Combo (FF, FF, MF, repeat). Bios should use Disrupt to dispel long-term buffs and use Break to negate short-term buffs, while keeping up the Destroy-Leading Strike combo. Psychos should use this combo: TR, DI (on yourself), ST, repeat.

Doctor Leath, Prison Guard x2: Attack Doctor Leath until he has 100 health, then stun him and kill him next turn. After this, you have no excuses to lose this fight.

From now on, it is a good idea to keep Veradux on Phalanx 99% of the time.

Stage 5 - Twisted Experiment

Still an easy fight for Bio and Psycho, but hard for Hydro. Bio and psycho can just keep using stuns and buffs on Veradux to counter the damage, and simply disrupt or shock therapy him when he uses Shadow Blend and Withdrawal. Hydros have it much more difficult. Hydro ALWAYS has to have at least one Flash Freeze ready in this fight, no exceptions, and must use it when he uses Shadow Blend, or you will die from Withdrawal next turn. What's more, Hydro cannot dispel Withdrawal, so when he uses it, just wait out the heals and resume attacking. Eventually, he will die, although it may take more than one try.

For Bio, get 1/3 Reform and put 3 in the Wheel. For Hydro, get 1/4 Ice Wall and put two in the wheel. For Psycho, get 1/4 High Voltage.

Stage 6 - The Warden

Hydro has this fight extremely easy, just use the freeze combo (FF, FF, MF, repeat) and he can only attack using his weak focus-recovering attack. Psycho can also use this combo: TR, DI (on yourself), ST, repeat and he can only attack once every 3 turns. Bios have this fight much more difficult. I suggest simply trying to use brute force with destroy and leading strike, while using break if you get low on health. It may take a few tries, but eventually you will win. It is also worth noting that both you and Veradux must survive, or you WILL lose this fight, no matter what class you are. It is possible to get Persecution from this fight; it is a great weapon for Bios and better than any others you may have come across for Hydro and Psycho.

Stage 7 - Doctor Hedger, Frankie

Simple, just kill the doctor and then Frankie will kill himself with Impair and Bloodshed. Simply play defense during this fight after the doctor is dead.

For Bio, get 2/3 Reform. For Hydro, get 2/4 Ice Wall. For Psycho, get 1/4 Electrical Storm and put one in the wheel.

Stage 8 - ZPCI Elite

This guy is not that hard, just annoying. Bio and Psycho can easily dispel the only 2 things that make him dangerous, Aim for the Heart and Auxiliary Power. Simply keep attacking him until he is dead. Hydro has it slightly harder, in that they cannot dispel the buffs. I recommend a similar strategy to the Twisted Experiment fight, stunning him when he uses Aim for the Heart. Simply set Veradux to relentless if he uses Auxiliary Power and hope he uses Electro Bolt. Not that hard of a fight. It is possible to get the Standard Rifle from this fight, a great weapon for Psychos, Hydros, and Veradux.

Stage 9 - Felicity

This fight has three stages. In the first, she will cast Black Metal, which makes all healing next to useless. In the second stage, she will cast Serious Business, which basically buffs all her stats except speed, and start casting some other abilities. The third stage is identical to the second state, except she will also cast Shadow Blend and Slash. This fight is incredibly easy for Hydros, simply use the freeze combo described in The Warden fight and you will win with no problems at all. Psycho has this fight a bit harder. When you find yourself getting low on health, Traumatize her once, let her use Leading Strike, then Traumatize her again. If you can get through the first stage of this fight, you have it won. However, for Bios, this fight is a nightmare. Make SURE you have at LEAST 2 disrupt equipped, or it is practically impossible to win. In the first stage, when you find yourself getting low on health, wait until she has no focus at all. Let her use Leading Strike once, then Disrupt her. Let her use Leading Strike again, and Disrupt her again. Finally, let her use leading strike once more, and then Break her, giving you a chance to heal. However, once the first stage is over, the fight is won.

For Bio, get 3/3 Reform. For Hydro, get 3/4 Ice Wall. For Psycho, get 2/4 Electrical Storm, and take out Dark Infusion from the wheel.

It is time for a strategic overview. Psychos should use Electrical Storm once every 3 turns, so that Focus never runs dry, and should use Traumatize and Shock Therapy as necessary. Bios should keep up the Destroy-Leading Strike combo while mixing in Reforms, Breaks, and Disrupts when necessary. Hydros should continue using the Freeze Combo, using Ice Wall whenever someone gets low on health.

Zone 2:

Frost Zombie: 3
Roald, Insurgent: 0
Frost Terror, Frost Zombie x2: Bio 3, Psycho 5, Hydro 7
Knight: 2
Knight, Priest: Bio 3, Hydro+Psycho 5
Frost Lord: 4
Mage, Knight, Priest: Bio 7, Psycho 8, Hydro 9
Mage x2, Knight: Hydro+Psycho 8, Bio 9
Cult Leader: 6
Baron Brixius: Bio 4, Psycho 6, Hydro 8
Mage, Knight, Priest: 0
ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound x2: Hydro 6, Bio+Psycho 8
ZPCI Sniper, Captain Hunt, ZPCI Medic: Psycho 6, Bio 8, Hydro 10

The item store is useless for Bios, but the XC armor can come in handy for Hydros and Psychos if you get unlucky with the drops.

Stage 1 - Frost Zombie

Just wait out his Recuperating buff; this fight is easy.

Stage 2 - Roald, Insurgent

Roald is added to your team.

For Bio, get 1/3 Savagery. For Hydro, get 4/4 Ice Wall. For Psycho, get 3/4 Electrical Storm.

Roald's Attacks:
Same focus recovery attack as Veradux
Silence: Attack and prevent the enemy from using moves that require focus
Same Fire Bolt as ZPCI Elites
Greater Purpose: Causes himself or an ally to take 40% less damage and more healing

Roald uses strength for his attacks, so get him gear that has high strength. His gear should also preferably have low vitality so he gets hit more often, as he is not as important as you or Veradux.

From now on, unless otherwise noted, put Roald on aggressive until the enemy you want to take down has the least health, then put him on relentless; put him on phalanx if you want him to use Greater Purpose. It is also not usually a big deal if Roald dies, so if he does, feel free to continue the battle.

Stage 3 - Frost Terror, Frost Zombie x2

Go all out on the top Frost Zombie until he dies, then attack the bottom one. Once both zombies are dead, the battle is won. If you are a Bio, then feel free to dispel Recuperating with Disrupt, but it is not required by any means. This battle is usually easy, but if you get an unlucky Vascular Arrest, you may have to redo it.

Stage 4 - Knight

You have no excuses to lose.

For Bio, get 1/1 Predator Form, and put it in the wheel, replacing one Disrupt. For Hydro, get 1/4 Cold Neurology. For Psycho, get 2/4 Salvation.

Stage 5 - Knight, Priest

: This is not a hard battle, just long. If you are a Bio, simply disrupt the Priest twice at the start, and it won't be long before he stuns himself. Hydro can use the freeze combo on the Priest for an easy win, and psychos can usually out-damage the Priest's heals. If the Knight casts Guarded on the Priest, either dispel it for Bios or Psychos, and Hydros can simply continue the freeze combo. Once the Priest is down, this battle is an easy win.

Stage 6 - Frost Lord

Bios and Psychos should try to keep his focus below 60 so he can't use Reconstruct, but Hydros can use the freeze combo to a similar effect. Either way, simply keep attacking and eventually you will win. Again, as a bio, you can dispel Recuperating, but you don't have to.

Stage 7 - Mage, Knight, Priest

This fight has 3 stages. The first stage is the hardest. For Bio, this is almost the same as the K+P fight without the guarding. The good news is Reform can heal a lot even with Doom on, so it is not as much of a problem as it is for other classes. For Psychos, this can be a hard fight. Just use similar strategies from the K+P fight, but keep the Priest Traumatized as much as possible. The second stage is easy, but if you mess up, it can be hard. Simply attack the Mage until he has slightly more than 500 health, then stun him and you should be able to finish him off next turn. If not, simply keep attacking and hope you survive until he dies. Once the Mage is down, the battle starts the third stage, which is incredibly easy. Just keep attacking, and you will win. Oh, and if you get Frosted Light, it is a very good weapon for Veradux. You can also get Fiery Doom from this fight.

For Bio, get 1/4 Endurance. For Hydro, get 2/4 Cold Neurology. For Psycho, get 3/4 Salvation.

It is time for a strategic overview. Bios should use Predator Form whenever possible, so you can use a Destroy-anything combo when it is active. Psychos should use Salvation on Veradux when it is possible, and only have to use Electrical Storm once every 4 turns now. Hydros should continue the Freeze Combo, Ice Wall strategy. In fact, this will be the strategy for most of the game.

Stage 8 - Mage x2, Knight

A similar battle to the last one, but if both Mages cast doom on the same person, say goodbye to them. For Hydro, it is actually easier than the last battle. Under the Freeze Combo, the Mages are useless. For Psycho, I recommend going all-out on the bottom Mage, using similar tactics to the last fight to avoid Energy Phase. For Bio, this is an incredibly hard fight, but I recommend going all-out on the bottom mage to reduce the chances of someone being double Doomed. After one Mage is dead, this is exactly the same as the last fight. If you are daring as Hydro or Psycho, I recommend redoing this fight until you get Fiery Doom, your choice of weapon until you get to z4 (unless you get Unholy Runeblade, an exceptionally rare drop).

Stage 9 - Cult Leader

A much easier battle. Just play defensive and you should have no problems. If you are a Psycho, Shock Therapy dispels Retrograde. You may want to redo this fight, especially as a Bio, until he drops Runeblade, a good weapon for a Bio or Roald.

For Bio, get 2/2 Disrupt. For Hydro, get 1/3 Regulate. For Psycho, get 4/4 Salvation.

Every class should redo the ability wheel before the next fight. Bios should put max Adrenaline and Reform in the wheel, and should take out Predator Form. Psychos should take out one Shock Therapy, and put one Dark Echoes in the wheel. Hydro should take out one Mind Freeze, and put one Regulate in the wheel.

Stage 10 - Baron Brixius

A somewhat infamous battle. The battle has 2 distinct stages. For the first stage, simply drain his focus (Disrupt, Traumatize, or Regulate). Once he has less than 10 focus, he will damage himself for about 6,000 HP every turn. Psychos should maximize the damage done by using Dark Echoes during this time. However, you must be careful. Hydros, DO NOT USE MIND FREEZE. The Baron has Electrical Storm and will recover focus. Hopefully, Roald does not use a badly timed Silence, for the same reason. Repeat one or two more times, and the battle will go to the second phase. In the second phase, he will start using some nasty abilities, namely Nightmare, Epiphany, and Confinement. What's Worse, he will often combo them together. Simply try to survive until he uses Holy Scars on himself. When this happens, use your most powerful attacks. Eventually, you will win. However, you may get lucky, and the Baron will use Deep Burning and Holy Scars at the same time, damaging himself for around 50,000 HP each turn :). Either way, if you get the Unholy Runeblade from this fight, SAVE IMMEDIATELY. This weapon can carry you through the Mayor for Bios, although it is extremely rare.

Stage 11 - Mage, Knight, Priest

Cutscene, no EXP. Make sure you get your original abilities for the next battle.

Stage 12 - ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound x2

If you are using Bio, I wish you the best of luck with this fight. Not only do the enemies hit hard, the Hounds are so fast that your abilities will often be missing. Psycho has similar problems with Electrical Storm and Focus. Hydros can simply use the Freeze Combo to shut down one hound for the fight. When the ZPCI uses Aim for the Heart, either stun him or remove the buff. I recommend going all-out on the top Hound until it dies, then catching up on healing while stunning the remaining Hound. After this, simply kill the remaining Hound. After this, this fight becomes just like the one from zone 1, only easier now that you have Roald.

Stage 13 - ZPCI Sniper, Captain Hunt, ZPCI Medic

Known well as the hardest fight in the entire game for a Hydro, this fight, unlike Felicity, Clemons, Hydra, and Mayor, lives up to its title as the boss fight of the zone. The first thing to do is go all-out on the Sniper. Try to kill him before the shields wear off. Psychos have this fight much easier due to Shock Therapy dispelling the Sniper's buffs. Bios can use Break for a similar effect. Hydros, while they can easily block the Sniper's buffs with the Freeze Combo, usually cannot kill him before the shields wear off, and thus are exposed to approximately 900 damage every turn of the battle. Once one ally (or himself) is down to half health, Hunt will stop using Mark for Fire and instead use Mark for Death, an absolutely deadly debuff if Veradux does not dispel it. Therefore, I recommend going all-out on the Medic after the Sniper is dead, and he has less than half health to avoid being too damaged by Mark for Death. Once the Medic is dead, simply keep attacking Hunt. You will break Desperate Shield easily. Congratulations for beating one of the hardest fights in the game for a Hydro.

For Bio, get 1/3 Crystallize. For Hydro, get 3/4 Cold Neurology. For Psycho, get 1/1 Wraith Form, replacing one Electrical Storm.

It is time for a strategic overview. Bios should use Crystallize very liberally in 3v2 or 3v3 fights to take one enemy out of the fight, while continuing previous strategies. Hydros have no distinct changes, and should continue the Freeze Combo and Ice Wall. Psychos can use Wraith Form to often get a double move and massive crits for a while, but beware of the enemy double moving after it wears off.

Zone 3 - Ivory Line: The Train

Spectre: 2
ZPCI Elite x2: Hydro 4, Psycho 5, Bio 7
Spectre x2: 4
Pheasant (Phantom, Antagonist, Beast): Bio 4, Hydro+Psycho 6
The Hobo: Bio 4, Hydro+Psycho 5
The Real Hobo: 3
The Host: Hydro 1, Bio+Psycho 4
Spectre x3: Bio+Psycho 5, Hydro 7
Clemons the Deceiver:  Hydro 3, Psycho 5, Hydro 6

This is the first item store that is actually useful. The second set can be very useful for Bios and Roald, and the Light Mace is good for Hydros, Psychos, and Veradux if you didn't get Frosted Light or Fiery Doom, and Misted Greaves and Ringmail Wraps are good if you need vitality.

Stage 1 - Spectre

You should have no troubles. I recommend redoing this battle until you get Annihilation, as Bios and Roald will thank you.

Drops from this fight:

Spirit Cover13Headwear61509
Ghastly Grasp13Gloves51503
Mirage Armor13Bodywear63156
Aura Treads14Footwear35315
Annihilation13Two-Handed Arms170859rare drop
Ocean Leggings12Leggings3066Physical Piercing +33

Stage 2 - ZPCI Elite x2

This battle is usually easy, but if you have the misfortune of both using Aim for the Heart on the same turn, you can write someone off. Hydros can avoid this by using a modified combo: FF, MF, MF, repeat on one, and stunning the other when it uses Aim for the Heart. It's not perfect, but it decreases the odds. Otherwise, just play defensive and this battle is easy. Remember to dispel Auxiliary Power if Bio or Psycho. If you get the Old ZPCI Boots as a Hydro or Psycho, save. They are the best boots until zone 5.

Drops from this fight:

Old ZPCI Boots14Footwear32003
Old ZPCI Leggings12Leggings83313

Stage 3 - Spectre x2

Simply kill the bottom one, then the top. Just watch out if they have both Midnight Oil and Blood Rush on at the same time.

For Bio, get 2/3 Crystallize. For Hydro, get 4/4 Cold Neurology. For Psycho, get 1/5 Charged Blood.

Stage 4 - Pheasant

Simply kill the Phantom first, then Beast, then Antagonist. The only thing that could make this fight hard is Beast's Shadow Blend. Simply stun the receiver and you should have no troubles. However, if you let the Phantom live too long, you will find yourself with many nasty debuffs on you. If the Antagonist uses Mind Freeze on Veradux, simply put Roald on Phalanx and stun someone (preferably Beast). The Charged Axe is a nice weapon for Psychos, although not required.

Stage 5 - The Hobo

Just go all-out on him, and he should die before he adds too many poison debuffs. This could be trouble if he survives too long, but that is not likely. Also, Bios can dispel the debuffs with Adrenaline.

Drops from this fight:


Stage 6 - The Real Hobo

This guy kills himself, just play defense and eventually you will win. He may use a move on you that deals about 1,000 damage, but it's not a big deal, as he doesn't use it repeatedly.

For Bio, get 3/3 Crystallize. For Hydro, get 1/4 Glacier. For Psycho, get 2/5 Charged Blood.

Drops from this fight:

Beggar boots13Footwear9662
Hope's Grasp13Gloves9662

Stage 7 - The Host

Hydros have this incredibly easy; under the Freeze Combo he cannot do anything except recover focus. Bios and Psychos can just stun him when he uses Dark Omen for an easy win. His overdose attack is nothing to worry about without Dark Omen.

Drops from this fight:

Bugo Hoss Tuxedo14Bodywear1410103

Stage 8 - Spectre x3:

This could be a problem if they keep using Faithless on Veradux. For Hydros, I recommend sticking to Vapour Cannon and leave the Freeze Combo alone. I recommend keeping the bottom one stunned as much as possible while killing the upper one. If they start using Midnight Oil, Bios and Psychos can dispel it immediately. Hydros should just hope for the best. Once the upper one is dead, turn on the middle one, and Hydros should revert to the Freeze Combo. Once he is dead, the battle is won.

Drops from this fight, should be the same of Stage 1, plus:

Bone Helm13Headwear33618
Old CPCI Helm13Headwear018211

Stage 9 - Clemons the Deciever

I recommend redoing this battle until you get Shandor's Darkstaff as a Hydro or Psycho, or Sun-Struck Horrors as a Bio if you did not get Annihilation. This battle has three phases. Hydros can keep up the Freeze Combo the whole fight for an easy win. All he can do is attack for focus recovery. In the first phase, I recommend that Psychos go all-out to finish this as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will die soon from Unknown Condition. For Bios, I recommend spamming Disrupt and letting Roald damage him. It will take a while, but eventually you will get him to 11,000 health and the second phase. This phase is probably one of the easiest fights in the whole game. Simply remember to play some defense and you will get him down to 5,000 health. After this he will heal, and the third phase begins. If someone dies during this phase, I recommend trying to tough it out, because it is hard not to have someone die. You must play heavy defense during this phase, or you will die. However, he takes a lot of damage now, so keep pounding away and eventually he will die.

For Bio, RESPEC. For Hydro, get 1/5 Crystal Ice. For Psycho, get 1/5 Tenacity.

Bios, put all attribute points into speed. Get 4/4 Integrity, 1/4 Slash, 1/4 Corrosion, 1/4 Envenom, 1/4 Infect, and 4/4 Withdrawal, 1/4 Sharp Senses, 4/4 Shadow Blend, 1/4 Anesthetic, 1/1 Toxicant Form, and 1/4 Endurance. For the wheel, put 1 Toxicant Form, 1 Shadow Blend, 1 Withdrawal, 1 Anesthetic, 1 Leading Strike, and 2 Slash.

It is time for a strategic overview. Psychos and Hydros have no changes, but Bios have a whole new build. So far, a great combo is TF, SB, WD for massive damage, with slash for use during cooldown. Remember to keep focus with Leading Strike.

Also of note: Hydros, start keeping a set of strength gear. You won't need it for a while, but you will eventually.

Drops from this fight:

Devil Blade15Primary Arms9009Physical Piercing +106
Will of Clemons15Leggings081616

Zone 4 - Labyrinth: Tunnel of Illusions

Tunnel Beast: 4
Vivian Vixen: 3
Gregor: Hydro 4, Psycho 9, Bio 10
Shunny: Hydro 5, Psycho 7, Bio 8
The Magical Monkey: 6
Mokoshotar: 3
Bunny: Bio 4, Hydro+Psycho 7
Flower Zombie: 4 (this fight is basically luck)
Fire Claw x2, The Hydra: Hydro+Psycho 4, Bio 7
Tunnel Worker x3: 0

This item store is incredibly useful. For Bios, the Rocker armor is good. For Hydros and Psychos, the Charged armor is good. Frozen Runeblade+Lavastone Barrier provide great instinct and physical defense, and are useful against some z5 enemies.

Stage 1 - Tunnel Beast

Simply remember to play defense and you will win easily. Be careful that it could drop the Poseidon's Fury

Drops from this fight:

Poseidon's Fury19Two-Handed Arms5110200Lightning Piercing +98
Bone Braces18Leggings622019Ice Piercing +7

Stage 2 - Vivian Vixen

Play defense until Vulpes Dolosis is at 4. Then Crystallize, Traumatize twice, or Flash Freeze twice so it wears off, then OHKO her.

Stage 3 - Gregor

Bios, change the ability wheel for this battle. Add max Infect, max Crystallize, and Leading Strike. Please don't smash your computer, I am not responsible for any damage. Hydros can use the Freeze Combo for no problems, but Bio and Psycho have to use a LOT of strategy. Psychos should use a combo that you should remember from z1: TR, ES, ST, repeat. ANY deviations from the combo and he recovers almost all of his health. Bios have it even tougher. I recommend a permastun strategy with Crystallize, and slowly chipping away at his health with Infect. It will take a LONG time, but you will eventually win.

For Bio, get 1/3 Crystallize, and put two on the wheel, replacing one infect. For Hydro, get 2/5 Crystal Ice. For Psycho, get 2/5 Tenacity.

Stage 4 - Shunny

Simply keep attacking him until he uses Withdrawal. When he does, Psychos should dispel it immediately. Bios and Hydros can wait it out, but will have to restart. A similar thing happens when he uses Reform. It will be a long battle, but you will eventually win.

Stage 5 - The Magical Monkey

This guy does a LOT of damage, but doesn't heal. Freeze Combo works well. A Bio may be able to take him out with one combo, but if you don't, a slash off Shadow Blend should do a lot of damage as well. Psychos should simply abuse Salvation and Traumatize to heal back all damage taken.

Stage 6 - Mokoshotar

Put everyone on phalanx until he turns someone into a wolf, then put that person on relentless. Mokoshotar doesn't do much damage, so you can survive even if Veradux became the wolf. Again, a long battle, but easy. It helps not to stun him, as well.

For Bio, get 2/3 Crystallize. For Hydro, get 3/5 Crystal Ice. For Psycho, get 3/5 Tenacity.

Stage 7 - Bunny

Bios should stun him for 6 turns straight, and all he should get to use is Holy Hand grenade, during which you should have a full combo ready to launch at him and do some serious damage. Don't worry about taking one hit after that, it's not a big deal, then repeat. Psychos should do a similar thing with Traumatize and Wraith Form, although it won't do nearly as much damage. Hydros should do a partial Freeze Combo, omitting Mind Freeze, as Holy Hand Grenade costs focus. Be very liberal with the use of Ice Wall, and you should win.

Stage 8 - Flower Zombie

Unfortunately, this fight is basically luck. This is because it is complete luck when he uses Good Trip, Bad Trip, and Peace and Love. If he uses Good Trip and Peace and Love at the same time, he is basically invincible. Aside from that, though, he should be easy to beat. Also, watch out for his Retrograde-like ability he uses on you.

Drops from this fight:

Flamboyant Shoes18Footwear120208
Flamboyant Trousers18Leggings173108
Deathbone Armor19Bodywear039129Ice Piercing +7

Stage 9 - Fire Claw x2, The Hydra

Hydros and Psychos, feel free to laugh at the Fire Claws. One Vapour Cannon or Electrical Storm/Shock Therapy can kill them in one hit :). Bios should repeatedly use the combo and Slash on the Fire Claws. It will take a while, but they will eventually die. After they are dead, the real fight starts. Get the Hydra down to about 20,000 health, and he will start casting some nasty poison debuffs, namely Potent Toxin, Envenom, and Infect. What's worse, he will sometimes combo them with Corrosion. It will take a while, but you will eventually get him down to about 9,000 health. When you do, the battle is basically over. He stops using his nasty poison effects, and instead uses Epinephrine, which does practically zero damage, and Heart Attack, which is no big deal because Epinephrine does so little damage. Note that Hydros can simply keep The Hydra under the Freeze Combo, and, like The Host, can only recover focus. If you get Emerald Death, SAVE IMMEDIATELY. It is the best weapon until z6 for Roald and an ally you will meet soon.

For Bio, get 3/3 Crystallize. For Hydro, get 4/5 Crystal Ice. For Psycho, get 4/5 Tenacity.

Tunnel Worker x3: Cutscene. Keep the Mining Helmets they give you; they will be incredibly useful later.

Zone 5 - Hew: The Dystopia

Riot Police: 4
Riot Police, Blood Hound: 6
Secret Police x2: Psycho 4, Bio+Hydro 6
Police Colonel: 6 (this fight is basically luck)
Felicity: 0
Blood Hound x2, Caretaker: 8
Riot Police x2, Android Guard: 10
Android Guard x2, Specialist: Hydro 7, Bio+Psycho 9
Mayor, ZPCI Ambassador: 0
City Council: Hydro 5, Bio 6, Psycho 8
Android Guard, Specialist, Secret Police: Hydro 7, Bio+Psycho 8
Blood Hound x2, Specialist: Hydro 9, Bio+Psycho 10
Android Guard x2, Secret Police: Psycho 7, Hydro 8, Bio 9
Mayor, Guardian Cannon: Hydro 3, Psycho 5, Bio 7

The item store here is almost useless, not because the items are bad, but because they are all level 21, meaning you can't use them until after the City Council. However, once you are able to use the Law Binder, it becomes the weapon of choice for Hydros, Psychos, and Veradux all the way to the Corruptor.

Stage 1 - Riot Police

Simply stun when he uses Perfect Aim and you should have no problems.

Stage 2 - Riot Police, Blood Hound

Keep the Riot Police stunned as much as possible while beating up the Blood Hound. After the hound is dead, this fight is easy. If you have any troubles, simply equip the Mining Helmets and you should have an easy win.

Stage 3 - Secret Police x2

As a psycho, you can remove all the buffs they cast for an easy win. Even for Bio and Hydro, simply keep attacking and you will take one down. Once one is down, the battle is won.

For Bio, get 1/4 Savagery. For Hydro, get 5/5 Crystal Ice. For Psycho, get 5/5 Tenacity.

Stage 4 - Police Colonel

When he has Guns Blazing on, stun him. When he has Reloading on, go all-out. However, I have not noticed a pattern to his buffs, so this fight is basically luck if he casts them at a bad time. One mistake during Guns Blazing and you are dead. Still, this should not give you many problems unless you are unlucky.

Drops from this fight:

Supremacy22Two-Handed Arms66109109
Guardian Armor23Bodywear902954

Stage 5 - Felicity

You get Felicity. I recommend swapping Roald out of your team for all classes.

Felicity's attacks: (most of these moves you will have seen at some point in the past, so not all are explained)
Leading Strike
Same stunning move as Prison Guards
Planned Assault: Attacks the enemy and causes it to take DoT
Blade Dance

Felicity uses strength for her attacks, so use the best strength gear you have, including stuff on Roald. Don't use the item store, it is not necessary at all.

Use the same strategies with Felicity that you used with Roald. Blade Dance basically takes the place of Greater Purpose.

Stage 6 - Blood Hound x2, Caretaker

A tough battle for all classes. I recommend keeping the bottom hound stunned while you kill the top one. Of course, if you are a Hydro, beat up on the top hound only, while remembering to heal. A Psycho can probably kill one within one Wraith Form, as they are fairly frail. Once one hound is down, this battle gets much easier. You don't even need to stun the Caretaker, he has really bad moves. The remaining hound should easily be countered by you and Veradux.

Stage 7 - Riot Police x2, Android Guard

Arguably the hardest battle in the entire game for all classes. What a horrible fight! I wish you the best of luck, this will take many tries with any class. Since there are two Riot Police, it is likely that Veradux will be Pepper Sprayed. If he is at any point before one Riot Police is down, you should restart the battle. Also, if Cover Fire and Pepper Spray are on you, your damage will be so minuscule that you will do practically nothing. Add Glacier, Spiritfist, and Ironfist, which the Android Guard uses, and you have an INCREDIBLY tough fight. Oh, and Analysis doesn't make things any better either. How are you supposed to win this? I recommend killing the bottom Riot Police as soon as possible. Don't go for the top one because the Android Guard will guard him. Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to kill the bottom one in one pass of the Freeze Combo, Bio combo (known as ComboX), or Wraith Form. However, eventually he should die, but expect it to take a few tries. After he is dead, attack the top Riot Police while keeping the Android Guard stunned. Eventually, he will die as well. Once he is down, get the Android's focus below 50, and he stuns himself. You should be able to kill him easily then.

For Bio, get 1/1 Predator Form and put it in the wheel, replacing one Anesthetic. For Hydro, get 2/4 Glacier. For Psycho, get 3/5 Charged Blood.

Stage 8 - Android Guard x2, Specialist

Compared to the last battle, this is easy, but is still a tough fight. Keep one of the Android Guards stunned as much as possible while attacking the Specialist (unless you are a hydro, then just attack the Specialist only). The Android Guards will also often waste turns guarding each other, which can save you in a pinch. If you lose Felicity, don't worry about it. Once the Specialist is down, keep one Android stunned as much as possible while attacking the other. Once an Android gets to 50 focus, it will stun itself, leaving it wide open to attack. You should be able to kill it in this time. After this, just repeat with the other one.

Stage 9 - Mayor, ZPCI Ambassador: Cutscene

You have made it past the toughest fight in the game. However, you have more tough fights coming up.

Stage 10 - City Council x2

Not that hard if you know what you are doing. If you keep one stunned as much as possible, Veradux easily compensates for the damage without any help at all. You should be able to take one down fairly quickly, but make sure the other is stunned while you do it. Once one is down, the other recovers 700 focus every turn, and they have a OHKO 1,800 focus attack. This part differs a lot between classes. Hydros have the Freeze Combo to stop everything, so they have nothing to worry about. Bios should keep him Crystallized until ComboX recharges, then launch it at him. After this, a couple Slashes and Felicity should take him down before he can kill you. Psychos have it slightly tougher. They should use Traumatize to keep him from using State of Emergency as long as possible, then go all-out on him. Once he gets up to 1,800 focus, Traumatize should be ready again, so use it again. Repeat this, and you should be able to kill him before he can kill you. If not, you only really need to restart if you were attacked. If Felicity or Veradux were attacked, just continue the fight. Eventually, you should win.

For Bio, get 1/3 Agile Exposure. For Hydro, get 3/4 Glacier and put it in the wheel. For Psycho, get 4/5 Charged Blood.

Stage 11 - Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist

Use similar strategies to the Android Guard x2, Specialist fight. This is basically the exact same fight, only a little easier since you now have one more ability. Just use strategies from that fight to win. The Secret Police basically takes the place of the first Android you killed.

Stage 12 - Blood Hound x2, Specialist

I hope you kept the Mining Helmets, as this battle is nearly impossible without them. Bios and Psychos should keep one hound stunned while you attack the Specialist. You have to play this first part defensively, or you stand no chance. Use your defensive abilities to the max. Hydros should go after one of the hounds first instead, as the Freeze Combo shuts them down. Eventually, the first target should die. After he is dead, your teammates are likely to be low on health, so keep one hound stunned while you kill the Specialist if Hydro, or one hound if Bio or Psycho, remembering to play defense. After the second emery is dead, the battle is easy. However, it is important to note that if you don't take the Specialist out quickly, you have a greater risk or Chloroform or Black Metal getting cast on somebody. If this happens in this fight, you can write someone off. This is probably the second hardest battle in the game, so it may take a few tries, but eventually you should win.

Stage 13 - Android Guard x2, Secret Police.

An easy battle compared to the last one. Use similar strategies to all the other fights with Android Guards in them. Attack one Secret Police first while keeping the Android Guard stunned, then turn on the other Police, then go for the Android Guard. A similar battle to the Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist battle, only slightly easier because there are no nasty debuffs.

Stage 14 - The Mayor, Guardian Cannon

Extremely anticlimactic. Take down the Guardian Cannon ASAP. Every 3 turns he uses a (usually) OHKO attack. However, it should go down with the Freeze Combo, or one pass of Wraith Form or ComboX. Once it is dead, attack the Mayor until he gets Enraged. Watch out now, because he has a OKHO attack which also raises his instinct. However, he doesn't use it that often, so it is not that big of a deal. Once you get him to about 15,000 health, he uses 3 buffs that look bad, but aren't really. Even being stunned isn't really bad. Once you get him down to about 10,000 health, he starts using Retrograde, which is actually good for you because he gives you another turn to heal. Note that he can't do anything to a Hydro except Leading Strike, so just laugh if you want. Really, this battle is easy, and shouldn't take more than one restart.

Congratulations, you have beaten the main story. But you still haven't gotten the Over the Ashes achievement.

Drops from this fight:

Death Sentence22Two-Handed Arms66015266
Townhall Shoes23Footwear636018Fire Defense +32
Proxy Leggings23Leggings1733033Fire Defense +44
Broken Promise24Headwear1854018Fire Defense +45
Johnnson's Legacy24Bodywear571014Fire Defense +45
Ken's Legacy23Gloves1236012Fire Defense +32

For Bio, get 2/3 Agile Exposure. For Hydro, get 4/4 Glacier. For Psycho, get 5/5 Charged Blood.

Zone 6 - II Sanctus: The Supreme Court

Metal Warden: 4
Time Bomb: 4
Nostalgia: Hydro 3, Bio+Psycho 7
The Judge: Hydro 3, Bio+Psycho 4

The item store is useless; you don't need to buy anything from it.

Stage 1 - Metal Warden

Exactly the same as the original Warden fight from zone 1. Simply remember to play defense for an easy win.

Now that you have obtained the Legend achievement, I recommend you start training, if you didn't already. Try to get up to at least level 25 before tackling the rest of the zone. Bios, Hydros, and Veradux should get the Mayor's armor and Law Binder, Felicity should get the Secret Police armor and Platinum Baton, and Bios should get the Specialist's headgear and armor, Clemons's gloves and boots, and the Riot Police's leggings.

The ability progression is as follows (Bio, Hydro, Psycho):

Level 23: 3/3 Agile Exposure (put in the wheel, replacing one Slash), 1/1 Guardian Form (put in the wheel, replacing one Vapour Cannon), 4/4 Electrical Storm.

Hydro and Psycho are now done with essential abilities, so the next ones that I tell you to get are not required, but still do help out.

Level 24: 1/4 Corrosion, 1/4 Safe Guard, 1/4 Terrify.

Level 25: 2/4 Corrosion, 2/4 Safe Guard, 1/4 Free Will.

Hydros have to do a complete respec for the next fight, but be sure to change back afterward. Get 1/4 Impair, 1/1 Hot Blooded, 3/3 Regulate, 4/4 Wreck, 4/4 Demolish, 4/4 Decimate, and 4/4 Lasting Pain. Put 1 Regulate, 2 Decimate, 2 Wreck, and 2 Demolish on the wheel.

Stage 2 - Time Bomb

Simply go all-out against him. If you can't beat him in 60 turns, then simply train up some more levels. All classes should be able to beat him.

Stage 3 - Nostalgia

Hydros can use the Freeze Combo to keep him out of commission, and win the whole fight. Bios should just keep attacking him while keeping him Crystallized until he uses Earth Titan on himself. Psychos should use a similar strategy, attacking and stunning. If you stun him once every 2 turns, he should not use Earth Titan. Once he uses Earth Titan, keep attacking, and hope he dispels it. If not, you will have to wait it out about 50 turns until he goes into his next phase. In this phase, Psychos should use Traumatize liberally. For Bios, if he did not dispel Earth Titan by the time he has 20,000 health, you should restart the fight. If he did, use a full ComboX to get him below 10,000 health, or he will OHKO someone. After this, he will heal, but you can just repeat the steps mentioned before for an easy win. If you played Sonny 1, this guy is simply a combination of all the z4 bosses.

Stage 4 - The Judge

The only thing to be careful of is her stunning move. Simply stun her when she uses it and the fight is easy.

Now I recommend you train up to at least level 28 because the z7 item store is awesome, but the items are level 28.

Level 26: 3/4 Corrosion, 3/4 Safe Guard, 2/4 Free Will

Level 27: 4/4 Corrosion, 4/4 Safe Guard, 1/2 Retrograde

Bio is now also done with essential abilities, so the next ones I tell you to get are still helpful, but not required. However, all level 28 abilities are required for the first fight in z7.

Level 28: 1/1 Subversion, 1/1 Subversion, 2/2 Retrograde

Level 29: 2/4 Savagery, 2/3 Regulate, 3/4 Free Will

Level 30: 3/4 Savager, 3/3 Regulate, 4/4 Free Will


Here are the ability wheels of every class now:

Bio: 1 Crystallize, 1 Toxicant form, 1 Shadow Blend, 1 Agile Exposure, 1 Withdrawal, (three of these four: 1 Corrosion, 1 Predator Form, 1 more Crystallize, 1 Subversion). You should have full Velocius Gear and Death Sentence, and all attribute points should be into speed.

Hydro: 2 Flash Freeze, 2 Mind Freeze, 1 Glacier, (three of these six: 1 more Glacier, 1 or 2 Ice Wall, 1 Guardian Form, 1 Safe Guard, 1 Subversion, 1 Regulate). You should have full Cryptic Gear and Law Binder, and all attribute points should be into instinct.

Psycho: 3 Shock Therapy, 1 Salvation, 1 Electrical Storm, 1 Traumatize, (two of these four: 1 Free Will, 1 Retrograde, 1 more Traumatize, 1 Wraith Form). You should have full Cryptic Gear and Wrath of the Council, and all attribute points should be into instinct.

Felicity should have full Furious Gear and Platinum Baton.

Veradux should have full Cryptic Gear and Law Binder.

Roald (if you trained him) should have full Furious Gear and Temporal Blade.


Zone 7 - Sho'Tul Shelf: The Divided Cliff

Doctor Klima: 5
North Guardian, South Guardian (Twin Guardians): Hydro 7, Bio 9, Psycho 10
Yosuke: Bio+Hydro 4, Psycho 6.
Versu the Corruptor: Hydro 3, Bio+Psycho 5.

As I stated before, the item store here is godly. Get the items that match the stat you are using.

Stage 1 - Doctor Klima

Remember to put Retrograde (tier 2 so that you can cast it on opponents)/Subversion in the wheel. This battle is weird. Bios have a nice combo here: Crystallize, wait, Crystallize, wait, Subversion, repeat, and he should die eventually. Psychos have a similar combo: Traumatize, Electrical Storm, Traumatize, anything, Retrograde, anything, repeat, and he should die after a while. Hydros should use a very similar combo: FF, anything, FF, anything except Mind Freeze, Subversion, Mind Freeze, repeat, and another easy win.

Stage 2 - Twin Guardians

This battle is completely different for every class. Hydros should use the Freeze Combo on the South Guardian while remembering to use Ice Wall. Eventually, he should die, but MAKE SURE THE NORTH GUARDIAN IS STUNNED WHEN THE SOUTH ONE IS KILLED. You MUST use this combo on the North Guardian, or you will lose. FF, Glacier, FF, Glacier, Ice Wall, Glacier, Glacier, repeat. It will take a LONG time, but eventually he will die. If Veradux dispels the Ice Wall, hope the guardian attacks him or Felicity, or you are dead. Bios and Psychos have it even harder. Bios should keep the South Guardian permastunned while attacking the North Guardian. Once he is down to about 7,000 health, start beating up on the South Guardian while Felicity keeps the north one at the same health. If she accidentally kills him, you are dead. Eventually, the South Guardian should get down to similar health. Once he does, use Predator Form, then stun the South Guardian. Then use Shadow Blend, then Agile Exposure on the North Guardian, then hit him with a nice Withdrawal. He should die. After this, stun the South Guardian again, then use a full ComboX on him for a win. Psychos have it even worse. I recommend a similar strategy to Bio, but be careful when the South Guardian uses his Magic Bolt, as you can't keep him stunned 24/7. The goal is to kill the two guardian altogheter, so try to make them go down in health more or less equally. Eventually, you will win, although it will take a few tries.

Stage 3 - Yosuke

Hydros can keep him under the Freeze Combo the whole fight for an easy win, although it will take a LONG time. Bios can probably obliterate him in one ComboX by now, so do so.

With Psychos the battle is very very long. I suggest you to wear full Guardian set (the one you've got from the Twin Guardians) to Felicity and Veradux. In this way they'll be able to resiste one hit (but no more than one) of Yosuke. Then put an ability point in Shock Coma: only one, because the other two tier don't enhance the effect, but only the healing effect which is something you do not want. Now, putting 2 Shock Coma and 2 Traumatize on the wheel, you're able to perma-stun Yosuke, alternating them. As an attack you can use Electrical Storm and Shock Therapy. After 90 (!) turns of stunning you're done and you can start damaging him. Killing him very easy now.

Stage 4 - Versu the Corruptor

One ComboX from Bio should eliminate her. Hydros can keep her under the Freeze Combo and the only move she can use is Leading Strike. For Psychos you can use a Retrogade combo: hit her with 2 High Voltage, then 2 Shock Coma to maximize her regen, finally hit her with Retrograde. Finally low her regen with Confinement and just kill her with direct attacs. Congratulations, you have just achieved Over the Ashes.

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